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Answering the Call.The Lifestyle Capital Campaign is a vessel through which we answer God’s call to Christian stewardship as individual believers and as a congregation. It is an invitation and an opportunity to respond to God’s generosity in our lives through sacrificial giving.

Believing the Vision. Believe that we can sustain our church, expand into our new spiritual territory, build our new cathedral and rise to new heights in the life of our congregation. Believe that we are capable of doing what our five founders did in 1888: Rise above circumstances and move beyond doubt and the apppearance of insufficiency to manifest God’s will for our church family.

Committing Our Gifts. Our God is in the blessing business, and we have a multitude of gifts, talents and resources to show for His love and generosity. As good stewards of those God-given blessings, let us sacrifice our time, talent and financial resourc- es for God’s kingdom here on earth. Let us rise up and build.

Since the initial launch of the capital campaign in January 2007, Grace has raised more than $5.3 million dollars from an average pool of approximately 800 donors annually. We were able to cover the necessary pre-development costs and have kept the proj- ect moving forward despite the economic recession. Without any bank financing and solely with the support of the congregation, Grace has been able to purchase all necessary property to expand our physical presence to West Second Street and South Seventh Avenue. We have completed architectural drawings and construction plans for the new Catheral. We have also incurred legal expenses and completed all required enviornmental and site studies to secure all building permits from the City of Mount Vernon.

Over the next three years, Grace will implement new strategies to garner additional donors to increase the pool size from 800 to 2,500 annually. This boost in donors will yield a 60% increase in dollars raised through pledges and contributions.