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The Cathedral of Grace Baptist Church in Mount Vernon, NY was initiated as the latest expression of this congregation to be faithful to the promise of this ministry. Dr. Richardson’s vision is to build a cathedral with a commanding pesence in the community that has the capacity to respond to the ever-increasing need of the community. This building will compliment the existing Victorian Style facility while adding a contemporary flare to the design.

To achieve this goal, HCO architechts were brought on board to implement a concept that includwed Gothic architectureal features such as flying buttresses, vertical stained windows and gables. A combination of reflective and translucent glazing will be used on the building facade. The end result will be a majestic, classic and timeless facility.

Additionally, the facility includes a cafteria, educational classrooms, a coffee shop and cafe, fellowship hall, a state of the art music recording studio, a dance studio and community space to provide members and the community with convenient on-site amenities.

The 2,500-seat sanctuary space is designed with state-of-the-art technology to accommodate a wide variety of functions such as concerts, theatrical performances, TV broadcasts, seminars, and worship services. Other notable features of the new facility include a $1.2 million pipe organ, an orchestra pit, etched glass rails trimmed in brass, two large LCD screens, a hydrolic stage/pulpit, beautiful chandeliers throughout, and much, much more. The construction of this 75,000 square foot facility in estimated at $25million.