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We are excited to announce our new fundraising initiative with Viridian, a socially responsible energy company. Through our fundraising initiative with Viridian you can support the programs of  Ujamaa’s Village of Grace simply by enrolling for Viridian’s energy service. Every time you pay your utility bill, we receive income. You can help the Village of Grace without ever needing to take out your checkbook! For more information, please contact Enid Hay at enid@gracechurchtoday.org or via phone at (914) 663-7458.

By choosing affordable, responsible energy from Viridian, you can make a significant and measurable impact on the environment while still receiving the same delivery, service and billing from the utility.

To continue supporting our organization, all you need to do is remain a Viridian customer and pay your bill each month. Become a longterm supporter.

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