Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Since the pandemic, we have not been able to be inside of the church. How does becoming a member work if we are not allowed to walk down the aisle in the sanctuary?
Click “Become a member" on our website or on our church application and fill out our “Let’s Stay Connected” form.
2. What should my text message say when I am giving or donating money to Grace Baptist when sending funds via text?
Text “Give” or “Donate” to 914-662-8393 and a message attached with a link will respond immediately. Click on the link and proceed with your transaction.
3. How often do you update information and statistics in-regards to COVID-19 on Grace website?
Information regarding COVID-19 comes directly from the Click the link that will bring you directly to their site which provides up to date information about the COVID-19.
4. Do you have to be a member of the church before joining a ministry?
No. You are more than welcome to join a ministry before deciding to become a member of Grace. All opportunities are available to you and your loved ones.
5. Where can I access Sunday school and Bible study?
Go to the home page. Then click: For You < The Learning Church < click either Sunday School or Bible school, depending on what you are looking for.
6. If I am unable to watch Sunday service live, will I be able to access these services elsewhere?
Yes. Refer to our “Media” tab in the navigation bar. After you click “Media” click “Clips of Praise and worship” for access to sermons, scriptures, and prayers.

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