Check Your P.U.L.S.E. 
"Practicing an Ultimate Lifestyle of Stewardship Everyday"

Stewardship Month Activities

Tues, Mar 12 I 7 pm
What are you eating?” Nutrition Lecture with Specialist

Bible Study Wednesdays I 7 pm

Wed, Mar 13 I 6 pm
In collaboration with
Grace GPS
“Staying Connected”

Thurs, March 14 I  7 pm
“Talent – Entrepreneurialship”
Deut. 8:18

Tues, Mar 19 I 7 pm
“How to use Zoom – Part 1”
with Nia Fears

Tues, Mar 21 I 7 pm
“Stewardship Workshop" with Minister Atoya Green

Sat, Mar 23 I 11 am
“Strategies on dealing with Children with Special Needs” with Patrice Johnson

Sat, Mar 23 I 12pm
“Am I Plugged In? Virtual Ministry Fair”

Mon, Mar 25 I 7pm
“Keeping it Moving: Chair Exercises with the Women Ministry”
1 Cor 6:19-20

Tues, Mar 26 I 7pm
“Different Perspectives on Landlord-Tenant Matters“
(Legal Ministry)

Tues, Mar 26 I 7 pm
“Stewardship Workshop" with Rev. Shelia Simmons
Phil 4:19

Mar 25-29
“Reach out and touch someone!”
Invite them to our Easter
Services at 8am & 11 am

Stewardship Month Daily Scriptures